This is not the first time that foreign reports attribute to Israel attacks on Hezbollah forces in Syria, Including Attack on convoys and elimination of senior Hezbollah members.

hezbollah_flag.jpgHezbollah (Arabic for “Party of Allah”) is a Shiite group that was founded in 1982 after Israel’s intervention during the Lebanese civil war. Closely aligned with the Iranian theocracy and functioning as a “state within a state” in Leabanon. Hezbollah has infantry force numbers about 10,000 full-time fighters and some other reserves. Hezbollah fighters armed with Kalashnikovs, machine guns, grenades and all standard equipment it needs warrior infantry.

Which units are under the Israeli intelligence radar?

Transport units-Because of the difficulty and risk, these units are considered as Special Forces.

The 108 missile Smuggling unit. 108 unit’s mission is to deliver weapons from Iran and Syria to Hezbollah logistics bases located along the border of Syria and Lebanon. 108 Unit was involved in transferring the Fateh-110 missiles to Lebanon. In Lebanon the Weapons transferred by unit 112, this unit transporting weapons to Hezbollah bases inside Lebanon. It does it with convoys of trucks with fake license plates. Unit 110, responsible for leading Hezbollah fighters and Iranian advisors from the countries involved. According to various estimates Hezbollah smuggled 40,000 missiles into Lebanon since 2006.

469303pic_C (1).jpg         Haji Hassan Mansour, Hezbollah 112 unit commander killed in Lebanon.

Elite units

This units trained in Iran and specialize in close fighting combat and use of special measures. In addition Hezbollah has “1800” unit that responsible for recruiting agents and quality attacks against Israel. This unit also operates outside Lebanon. Hezbollah have three main intelligence systems that include preventive intelligence and unit for collecting intelligence.


Air-Force/Drone forces

According to foreign reports it estimated that the organization has a number of individual drones designed to collect some intelligence, Hezbollah has drones that able to return to Lebanon after performing a task. This is a unit develops in recent years and receives the best equipment that Iran can provide with vocational training as well.


Custom action units

Hezbollah has a special unit for each type of action, such as firing anti-tank missiles, Mortars, explosives etc… Past events indicate that if necessary several units can to carry out joint action. Rockets units are divided into two divisions, “Nasr” short-term and the other “strategic” operating long-range rockets.


Nature reserves and well-hidden bunkers

As part of learning the lessons of the Second Lebanon War Hezbollah has strengthened and improved the Nature reserves. Within these reserves could be found rocket launchers and infantry fighters that able to fight independently for days without supplies. The organization Equip stored quantities of water, food, ammunition and command and control posts.


“Red Lines” and “Tie-breakers”

Hezbollah maintained to get the weapon and improve his capabilities, long-range or more accurate missiles. Israel defines those weapons as “Tie-breakers”, In other words, measures that could hurt Israeli Air Force, Navy and strategic installations and cities deep inside Israel territory. The main source of weapons is Iran, although there is security agencies estimate that some weapons also comes from North Korea, which recently revealed that she is involved in the fighting in Syria. According to foreign reports, Israel launched six attacks on Syria and Lebanon to prevent those weapons to get into the hands of Hezbollah organization.

Action against Hezbollah members is also part of Red lines maintenance that requires consistent “brain war” which takes place between Israel and the organization. The hidden war level has its own rules; a Specific attack on Hezbollah in Syria shows to the organization that Israel still watching and won’t allow Planning and operations against it. The wisdom of both sides is not get into the slippery slope. It is necessary to use proportional firepower during attack and during the reaction. During retaliatory actions carried out by Hezbollah against Israel, Hezbollah considering and selecting a retaliatory action which won’t break the balance of the fire on the Lebanese border. Both sides are not interested in escalation.


Gaza and “Tie break” weapons

While Israel follows the events in Syria, Hamas apparently got those weapons from ISIS extension in Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. Video released by Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Palestinian Hamas organization, it possible to identify 9K32 Strela-2 MANPAD and 9M133 Kornet ATGM.







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