The paradox is, the Republican Party during the current presidential race invested more time, resources and money to damage the reputation of Donald Trump than the competitions of Democratic Party, The question is why?

The answer to that is quite simple, Trump is not intend to act in the interests of any organization and He is not controlled by any force, This fact scares the existing form of USA government.


The internal crisis within the US in economic and political fields, which includes the foreign politics highlights the US need of new figure of a politician who brings simple answers to worn problems, it is base of Trump’s strategy that addresses the voter himself. All attempts to harm Trump, just promoted him in the polls, if the tendency will continue as summer approaches He will be unstoppable.

Institution of USA presidency is fundamentally weak. Actually President of the United States is very limited in his abilities during his action the President considers senators, congress and the Supreme Court Interests behind them stands the American elite.

Trump however is free of obligations to the American elite which control the United States for recent decades. Trump makes the impression that he intends to follow his opinions, that upsets the existing forces.

President Kennedy and President Nixon were the last American presidents who acted according to their own opinions. Kennedy was assassinated and Richard Nixon was forced to resign following the “Watergate” scandal.


5 thoughts on “Donald Trump takes state by state, and Republicans are seriously looking for a way to stop him.

      1. This election is about America, not Islam…(?) Anyhow, the media-all media cannot be trusted in the present state of world affairs. The creation of friction amongst candidates and parties, seem to be the ‘game plan.’


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